To enhance the rate of testing for the rural populace of India, with the possible third wave looming large, we have come up with a Robotic automated mobile testing solution. In this solution Robots are used in the automated detection of Covid 19 virus. Since it is an automated process, 96 tests per hour is possible and is equivalent to 2000 tests per day. With the right choice of test kits, testing for new virus variants are possible and the Automated system could also be used for alternative Diagnostics such as blood samples, urine samples, High-Throughput Screening, Molecular Diagnostics, Transplantation Diagnostics, Animal Laboratories and more with minimal necessary changes.

Robotic Automated Flexible System (RAFSYS) indigenously developed by AAtek Group (Germany and India), aims for Laboratories without any human intervention, providing efficient Diagnostics be exposed to any hazardous viruses. The main goal of this project is to reduce the human errors in normal testing.

Our Product RAFSYS, addresses the critical need of the hour “Diagnostics” whilst being the key to control the COVID Pandemic. Avoiding any risk to the Laboratory Technicians, RAFSYS provides a Higher Through-put and also scalable for Mass Testing such as Airports or Railway Stations with Accurate Results in Faster time through Cloud based Methodology. Making the Diagnostic system in Mobile re-locatable format will cater any Emergency measures in India and also solves the difficulties for Diagnostics in Rural Areas within India.

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