New VS Series

DENSO proudly presents its new VS Series. These new 6-axis robots are characterized as being extremely:

  • FAST (up to 11 000 mm/s)
  • PRECISE (from ±0.02 mm)
  • FLEXIBLE (install them on floor, ceiling or wall)
  • Their extremely slim and compact design allows you to save on installation      space
  • You also have the possibility to place the motor and encoder cable underneath      the robot base
  • They offer you payloads up to 7 kg, delivering you the best performance      possible

The optional “Communication Interface” allows users to connect Gigabit Ethernet devices and Servo Grippers easily and directly to the robot flange, thanks to an innovative communication internal wiring. This gives users the advantage of avoiding the risk of cables and connections tangling up within their surroundings.


You can employ these robots in extremely wet conditions thanks to their optional protection class IP67 (which resists even high pressure washing and cutting chips).
Have a look at the new VS Series and convince yourself why we’re pioneers in robotics. It is worth it!

  • 4 arm lengths available (505 mm, 605 mm, 710 mm and 905 mm) with several options

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