b-CAP is based on Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • This control protocol enables connection to DENSO robots and peripheral devices using a PC,      PLC or other device which incorporates Ethernet TCP/IP or UDP.
  • With b-CAP it is possible to control the robot directly by sending a destination position in      short time intervals using your own kinematic calculation in real time.
  • It works completely independently of any incumbent platform (iOS, Linux, Windows, etc.) or     programming language.
  • Key advantages:
    • Highly flexible and powerful control through PCs, PLCs or other applicable hardware device      using TCP/IP or UDP
    • Platform and programming language independent
    • No requirement to learn a new robotic programming language
    • Real time control of robots
  • Exceptional precision: ±0.02 mm
  • Fastest possible cycle time: 0.99 s
  • Maximum composite speed: 3900 mm/s
  • Payloads: up to 3 kg
  • Arm reach: 430 mm and 432 mm
  • Mounting options: floor and ceiling
  • Manoeuvrability in restricted spaces: robot footprint is only 160 mm x 160 mm
  • Exceptionally light weight: robot arm weighs from 13 kg/li>
  • ANSI and CE compliance: allows global deployment. Choose a Safety board / Safety box controller